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We serve south Georigia including Macon, Cordele, Perry, Albany, Montezuma and Americus.

Harper's Incorporated is a family owned business. We specialize in development and residential clearing. Our business has been hard at work for over 10 years in clearing needs. Our new way has saved precious time from the old original way "dozier" to much, faster, easier and much better environmental way to reach the final result. Many areas prohibit burning altogether due to the inherent danger it presents. The flames, heat and smoke from brush piles change not only the immediate area but can destroy or damage nearby trees that are still standing. That's why we offer a new way to get the same result, but without the risk to your land and environment.

Our new way verses old has very low ground pressure so no unsightly tracks/ruts within the property. Leaving mulch on ground helps with much needed moisture content and leaves the property with a "park like" effect. Also soil erosion and run off problems associated with conventional land clearing are eliminated by this method. No more burning or feeder root damage that kills neighboring "keeper" trees long after the clearing is done.

For land owners, mulching is the best possible solutions to improve curb appeal. By reducing unwanted underbrush, you enable visibility without damaging and existing beauty you may want to keep. "Which means increased property value." By mulching , you enable potential buyers to see what you have to offer. If you're trying to get that plantation look to bring in the big boys, "deer", then give us a call. With removing underbrush around your stand or you need to open up a food plot in the far back corner of your property that you don't get to hunt because its to thick, then this is for you.

No damage to trees
that are left.
Work in between trees.

Cut off brush and stumps at ground level leaving roots system help with erosion and compost naturally.

Leaves no unwanted brush piles to burn or haul away.
No permits
While pushing unwanted
trees around, damages other
trees that are left.

Cause erosion by pushing
up stumps leaving holes
to till and level.

Pushes in piles to burn or haul
depending on if you can get a
a burn permit
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